Horse’s head


Andrea Tagliapietra was born in Murano on 17/02/1955. He started working the glass at 14 years old , following his father Erminio in the family tradition already master at the prestigious Salviati glassware. He rise through the ranks becoming first Garzone , then Serventino , then Servente and finally master in 1979. In 1980, as he himself declares , he begins to “fire” his sensibility by forging works that over the years will be more and more able to impose themselves for expression , formal and chromatic equilibrium, unquestionably comparable to the greatest glassmasters of the twenty century. The first exhibition was inaugurated in 1983 at the Bevilaqua la Masa building in Venice with the opera “Maternità”, following a path that will see him protagonist in the largest cities around the world: Vienna, Linz, New York, Tokyo and not least the prestigious Gallery of Sculptures of palm Beach. Also remember other several places where his works are exhibited in public and private collections.


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Dimensions 22 x 22 x 25 cm